Alexis loves working with people to solve complex organizational and leadership challenges. Whether those problems are large-scale social issues, organizational dysfunction, or leadership effectiveness, she thrives on understanding the whole system and finding creative and engaging solutions. Alexis uses relationship-oriented and strength-based approaches to create inclusive, positive environments for people to achieve mission effectiveness.

Prior to her work at NAO, Alexis managed projects for a real estate and architecture start-up company in Seattle that specializes in community-oriented design. Prior to that, she worked with youth serving nonprofits. She has a B.A. in International Development and Social Change and an M.A. in Community Development and Planning from Clark University. During her high school, undergraduate, and graduate work, Alexis was deeply engaged in leading discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Alexis is originally from Seattle, and enjoys hiking, backpacking, boxing, and always has music playing. She runs a boot camp for women once a week, and loves being active.

About her Consulting work

Alexis has been providing training, consulting, coaching, facilitation, and program management to organizations throughout Oregon since joining NAO in 2011. Alexis designs and delivers high quality, interactive trainings that engage participants in current organizational development challenges. She has experience working with nonprofit leadership, staff, boards, and volunteers. In addition, Alexis brings over 10 years of experience facilitating difficult dialogue and delivering trainings on race, cultural competency, and privilege. Alexis brings an equity and inclusion lens to all her organizational development work. She believes that diversity, equity and inclusion work must be integrated into the fabric of an organization to transform how board, staff, and volunteers work to create inclusive work environments and high-impact program strategies.

Through a long-term partnership with The Ford Institute for Community Building, Alexis has led dozens of workshops on elements of effective nonprofit management, leadership, program development, collaboration, and compliance. This work deepened NAO’s engagement in rural communities by building the capacity of leaders, organizations, and communities to work together to get things done.

Other major projects Alexis has been involved in include the Social Venture Partners Encore Fellows Professional Development Program training series, Rural Organizations Leading Change Cohort, and the Leading for Equity and Inclusion for Executive Directors Cohort. Alexis specializes in designing and delivering programming for small to mid-sized nonprofits.

Alexis is also knowledgeable in nonprofit compliance and best practices and has managed NAO’s Nonprofit Helpline for four years.