Barbara works directly with a wide diversity of client organizations to provide management consulting services. With over 30 years working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, Barbara brings a rich array of experience and wisdom to her capacity building work.

Before joining NAO in early 2012, Barbara worked for seven years as a Program Officer and the Director of Policy and Strategy at the Meyer Memorial Trust. Prior to her foundation work, Barbara held different leadership roles in social services and arts organizations where she led strategic and business planning, capital campaigns, facility renovations, and program innovation. Barbara is particularly proud of the successful capital campaigns she managed for an art museum and social service agency.

She considers herself fortunate to have worked both as a grant seeker and a grant maker. Barbara holds an MBA in Arts Management from the Graduate School of Management at UCLA. When not busy in her consulting role, you can find Barbara enjoying hill walks, hiking, attending galleries, museums, and performances, and reading.

About her consulting work

Barbara has worked closely with organizations of all sizes and disciplines—urban and rural—as well as coalitions. Like all NAO consultants, Barbara’s main concern is providing services that make her clients measurably stronger and more effective. Focus areas for her consulting practice include strategic and business planning, Board development, Board-staff relations, crisis management, fund development, grant writing, and executive coaching. Barbara understands well the different roles and functions of nonprofit leadership and has worked in director, deputy director, and development director capacities at acclaimed institutions like the Portland Art Museum and De Paul Treatment Centers.

During her long tenure in the museum world, Barbara served on the Accreditation Committee and Museum Assessment Program of the American Association of Museums. She also served on the Museums Panel for both the California Arts Council and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency. The arts organizations she served were each undergoing some degree of fiscal or organization crises when she joined them. She was able to effectively work with their Boards, staffs, volunteers, and community members to frame a vision beyond the crises and build strong, effective organizations responsive to community needs. A critical element of her museum practice was broadening audiences and diversifying “ownership” of cultural institutions.

Barbara successfully applied this knowledge to the Meyer Memorial Trust’s $1 Million Idea for Oregon, a major leadership development initiative of the Coalition of Communities of Color. Barbara’s volunteer service experiences include Portland Public Schools, Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington, and Willamette Valley Development Officers.