Ben Moorad and Bob Hazen

Bob Hazen, who founded and has directed the Executive Transition Services (ETS) program at NAO since 2000, is stepping down in December and to work on a nonprofit project in Mexico for the next year. Ben Moorad, a member of the Interim Director team since 2008, will be stepping in as the Interim Program Director for the next several months.

“Times of transition are important times for reflection,” notes Hazen, “and many organizations we’ve worked with have found it helpful to follow a founding director with an interim for a period to bring in an objective and experienced perspective, evaluating how and what they are doing. We’re thrilled that Ben will be playing that role for us.”

Bob started working with NAO (then TACS) in November of 1997, helping guide an 18-month process of discovery and reflection after the organization’s 20–year anniversary. He then joined TACS “on the inside” and has served many roles over the years. In 2000, Bob worked with Founding Co-Director Kay Sohl, and a group of six interim directors to launch the ETS program. That first year ETS placed three interims, and in 2002 began the first of many executive searches. In 2008, TACS launched the interim development director program.

The ETS team has since expanded to 24 executive and development directors, placing over 150 interims: executives, development leaders, operations managers, and even finance managers. NAO has also led over 75 executive searches.

“NAO’s commitment to being a learning community around nonprofit leadership enhances our ability to provide transition services with a deep knowledge of how the Board and staff of nonprofits operate most effectively,” reflected Hazen.

NAO Executive Director Jim White commends Hazen for building a program that has successfully guided so many organizations through times of transition. “After only a couple of months here at NAO, it is already evident that our expertise in leadership development is unparalleled in Oregon. We have developed a team with years of experience as executive directors and nonprofit consultants and they are experts in navigating transition.”

Ben Moorad has been a committed member of the ETS team, active both with the interim executive director group since 2008 and the interim development director group since the start of 2011. He also runs a successful grant writing business and has been instrumental in extensive assessment and planning projects for the Multnomah County Library and the Portland Community College Foundation. He originally came to nonprofit work in 1998 when he co-founded Write Around Portland, a thriving nonprofit that transforms lives and our communities through networks of free writing workshops. Write Around Portland turned to an ETS interim director when he and his co-founder moved on.

“I’m thrilled to provide the ETS program with the continuity and vision that I know firsthand to be crucial during such a transition. If you’ve got any questions about the program, please give me a call.”