Senate Bill 606: Oregon Nonprofit Modernization Act

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By passing Senate Bill 606, the Oregon Nonprofit Modernization Act, in the 2023 state legislative session, we can help Oregon’s nonprofits retain staff and continue providing essential services and promoting all Oregonians’ well-being.

The State of Oregon relies on nonprofits to fill an essential role. Nonprofits promote the well-being of Oregonians every day, providing for basic needs like food and shelter, offering opportunities for education and economic advancement, supporting arts and culture, protecting our civil rights and so much more.

But nonprofits face a daunting barrier to fulfilling their essential role. Nonprofits cannot exist without nonprofit employees, and nonprofit employees have an incredibly high rate of burnout and turnover.

That’s why we need you to help us pass the Oregon Nonprofit Modernization Act this legislative session!


The Nonprofit Modernization Act includes:

  • Easy and simple changes to government contracting practices that can be implemented right away and have an immediate impact.
  • A Nonprofit Task Force to take a close look at streamlining and simplifying contracting, improving payment delivery, reducing burdensome reporting requirements, and raising nonprofit wages to improve employee retention in the long-term.
  • A Workforce Retention Fund to help nonprofits retain employees in the short-term.

Campaign Team Members:

Co-conveners: Nonprofit Association of Oregon and Northwest Health Foundation

Sponsors: Senator Campos (Chief), Senator Gelser Blouin, Senator Golden, Senator Jama, Representative Neron and Representative Pham

Endorsers: See full list of endorsers here.


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