33 Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

NAO has partnered with Independent Sector to bring you the  33 Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice. NAO believe these Principles are the foremost guide for sound and successful practice by charities and foundations in the United States. In their new blog series, Independent Sector will be highlighting one principle per post to remind all of us to continue evaluating and assessing our organizations and ourselves in order to continue to be trusted and good faith actors in our sector and in the world. NAO will be posting Independent Sector’s highlights as they are availble.

Principle 1: Rules, Rules, Rules

Principle 2: What's Your Code?

Principle 3: Ethical Emani Takes on Conflict of Interest

Principle 4: Feeling Free to Sound the Alarm

Principle 5: Protect and Preserve

Principle 6: Covering Your Ass(ets)

Principle 7: Ethical Emani Tackles Disclosure

Principles 8 - 33 ... Coming soon - keep checking back!