DonorSearch is a prospect research company that helps you identify and research prospective donors, including individuals, organizations and foundations. DonorSearch is the only prospect research company that starts with proven philanthropy to provide more accurate, more comprehensive, and more actionable data to help nonprofits of all types achieve better fundraising and outreach results. Using information from 25 databases, DonorSearch utilizes proprietary algorithms to help clients find the best philanthropic prospects. DonorSearch’s data can be easily integrated with most common donor management software, putting critical donor information at a client’s fingertips.


All current NAO members have access to the following discounted services provided by DonorSearch:

  • A free prospect screening evaluation and test file – DonorSearch will analyze a portion of your internal data on prospects’ previous donations to measure and compare the strongest predictors of future giving. This will provide an introduction to their Batch screenings and ProspectView Subscription services and tools.
  • A 10% discount on Batch Screenings and ProspectView Online Subscription
    • A batch screening allows you to submit as many as 2,000 (or more) donors to DonorSearch who will research each donor and return comprehensive reports that detail philanthropic histories, wealth markers, and other vital information. You can order as many batch screenings as you need, when you need them.
    • ProspectView is a comprehensive online tool that provides access to DonorSearch’s donor database (the nation’s largest) and premier analytics capabilities.
  • A 15% discount on multi-year subscriptions purchased in the first year of service – If you purchase a ProspectView subscription for 2 or more years, upfront, you will receive a 15% discount versus 10% off the annual cost

In order to participate in this cost-saving benefit, you must be an NAO member and must be a new client of DonorSearch.

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