The Oregon legislature is currently considering several bills including, HB2008, HB2009, and SB610, related to raising the minimum wage. Lawmakers are suggesting several different approaches for a phase-in of the minimum wage over several years. The Nonprofit Association of Oregon launched a survey in March 2015 for nonprofits in Oregon to collect the perspectives of nonprofit leaders on this important subject. The survey received 171 responses and below is an interactive, graphic representation of the results. The intent of the survey was to collect perceptions of how nonprofits understand and plan for adjustments in their business practices to a changed minimum wage.

NAO strongly supports nonprofits to express their voices through advocacy and lobbying for their missions. We congratulate those organizations that have had conversations with their board, staff and program participants regarding the minimum wage. We encourage nonprofits to get involved and make their voices known to policy makers in Salem.

Scroll over each graph to reveal the number and breakdown of participant responses to each questions.