Human Resources & Operations

Effective nonprofits invest in their staff and/or volunteers. Values have been articulated and practices are expressed in policies and team building. 

Resource Topics On This Page:

1. HR Legal & Compliance
2. Employee Compensation & Benefits
3. Employee Hiring 
4. Employee Management
5. Volunteer Management
6. Independent Contractors
7. Demographic Data Collection
8. Health Insurance
9. Workplace Wellness & Remote Workers
10. Workplace Discrimination & Harassment
11. Data Privacy & Security

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion resources - See Leadershp & Culture

1. HR Legal & Compliance

Oregon Workplace Fairness Act

2. Employee Compensation & Benefits

Oregon Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (PFMLI)

PTO Programs

OregonSaves - state-run retirement plan (all staffed nonprofits must register)

  • OregonSaves Website - State of Oregon
  • OregonSaves: Everything You Need to Know about state-run IRA retirement plan - Zenefits

Retiring/Exiting Executive Director/CEO

3. Employee Hiring

Employee Retention

  • Employee Retention - Five Ways to Improve w/o Spending A Dollar - PIMG
  • The Great Resignation: Make It Stop! - CFO Selections
  • The Great Resignation: How Nonprofits Can Come Through Stronger - Forbes

Diversity in Recruiting

Nonprofit Recruitment and Staffing Agencies

Job Boards for Nonprofits

Background Checks

4. Employee Management

Employee & Executive Director Evaluation (see #2 above for Comp & Benefits info)

Workplace Re-entry during COVID

  • Workplace Re-entry: General Guidance for Employers & Organizations - Oregon Health Authority 
  • Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating & Preventing Spread of COVID-19 - OSHA
  • Workforce Re-entry Toolkit for Nonprofits - UST 

5. Volunteer Management

Volunteer Risk Management

Volunteer Screening & Background Checks

6. Independent Contractors

7. Demographic Data Collection

  • Resources for Demographic Data Collection - D5 Coalition
  • Gathering Demographic Information from Surveys - SurveyMonkey

8. Health Insurance

NAO offers a member benefit with Nonstop Wellness for health insurance (50+ staff members).

9. Workplace Wellness & Remote Work

Oregon Healthy Workforce Center - OHSU

Remote Workers

  • Examining Today's Most Effective Workplace Structure - CFO Selections
  • Remote Worker & Telecommuting Practices for Nonprofits - NCN
  • Remote Worker Policies & Practices during COVID - PRM Consulting Group

10. Workplace Discrimination & Harassment

11. Data Privacy & Security

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