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Effective nonprofits develop mission-driven strategies and partnerships to secure and grow their resources. Effective Nonprofits determine an appropriate funding model that fits within their business model and employ policies and practices to ensure mission achievement. 

Professional Development and Learning

Resource Topics On This Page:

1. Charitable Contributions Compliance 
2.  Fundraising General
3. Fundraising by Category + Giving Tuesday resources
4. Fundraising by the Board
5. Fundraising - Virtual Service Providers
6. Grant & Funding Resources
7. Donor-Advised Funds (DAF), Cryptocurrency
8. Donor Engagement
9. Donor Management Systems
10. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Philanthropy
11. Philanthropy Reports

Fiscal Sponsorship - See Legal, Compliance & Transparency

1. Charitable Contributions Compliance

2. Fundraising General

3. Fundraising by Category

Giving Tuesday (annual worldwide event - occurs on Nov 28, 2023)

4. Fundraising by the Board

5. Fundraising - Virtual Service Providers: NAO business affiliate members that serve nonprofits.

6. Grant & Funding Resources

Fundraising & Grant Writing Training

7. Donor-Advised Funds (DAF), Cryptocurrency


8. Donor Engagement

  • 21 Remote, Virtual & Digital Engagement Opportunities - The Osborne Group
  • Asking Strategic Questions - The Osborne Group
  • Donor Engagement Cycle: How to Engage With Your Donors - DonorBox
  • Donor Engagement Strategy Playbook - CauseVox
  • Donor Stewardship Guide: Creating Lifelong Donors in Six Steps - Qgiv
  • How to Engage With Your Donors - DonorBox
  • How to Make a Donor Stewardship Plan - Freewill
  • Entering the Era of Donor Engagement - Bloomerang (e-book)

9. Donor Management Systems

  • A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Fundraising Systems - TechImpact
  • Choosing the Right Donor Management Software - TechSoup 
  • Donation Management Software Search - Capterra
  • Donor Management Systems: The Essentials for Nonprofits - Nonprofit Ready (Video)*

10. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in Philanthropy

11. Philanthropy Reports

Nonprofit Sector Reports - Communications Resource Page

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