An Expanding Resource for Nonprofits and Service Providers to Connect – Improve – Advance

Oregon’s nonprofits are busy doing great work in our communities. We know it’s not every day that nonprofits seek to hire the right consultant or service provider for an initiative or a project.

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon’s Referral Service is a one-stop resource for Oregon’s nonprofits. We know that a nonprofit’s effectiveness and excellence depends on skills and knowledge applied with a diversity, equity and inclusion lens in the specific areas of: Legal, Compliance & Transparency; Governance; Financial Oversight; Resource Development; Purpose and Strategy; Leadership & Culture; Human Resources & Operations; Program Management; and Communications & Public Affairs.

When nonprofits seek consulting services to meet challenges, support their growth, build effectiveness, and achieve excellence – whether it is a consultant to facilitate a board retreat on diversity, equity and inclusion, an interim executive placement, executive search, or any number of organizational development or operational projects – NAO is here to match them to vetted and proven expert consultants and service providers.

NAO takes the heavy lift off nonprofits’ plates. Nonprofits can confidently entrust NAO – Oregon’s nonprofit sector voice, leader and advocate – to connect you to the right, high-quality service provider. Building on our decades of expertise helping nonprofits with their capacity-building needs, NAO knows the talents of a diverse pool of experts from which to identify the right consultant or service provider for your nonprofit. NAO can readily assess and refer your nonprofit to just the right service providers to help you achieve excellence.

How does NAO's Referral Service work for nonprofits:

  • A nonprofit seeking to hire a consultant or service provider for a consulting project can contact NAO’s Referral Service at 503-239-4001 ext. 113 or by e-mailing
  • The nonprofit provides information about their organization and their specific capacity-building needs.
  • NAO helps the nonprofit assess the request and matches the nonprofit to the consultant or service provider that best meets their needs from one of NAO’s Business Verified Affiliate members.

NAO’s Referral Service is Oregon’s trusted resource for consulting and capacity-building needs. We’re building a stronger and more diverse cadre of consultants and service providers to connect, improve and advance excellence for all Oregon nonprofits. We are here for you!

Nonprofits considering engaging the services of a consultant may check out this helpful resource – Strengthening Nonprofits: A Capacity Builder’s Resource Library -- Working with Consultants. This resource was developed by Compassion Capital Fund National Resource Center operated by Dare Mighty Things, LLC, and generously shared with NAO.

How does NAO's Referral Service work for consultants/service providers:

If you are a consultant or service provider who works with nonprofits and would like to be part of NAO’s Referral Service, click here.

NAO's Referral Service contact:

Need additional information? E-mail and Susan Parsons, Resources and Referral would be happy to assist you!

Susan Parsons
Resources and Referral Manager