for Consultants and Services Providers

Oregon’s nonprofits are in the business of helping our communities grow and thrive.

YOU are in the business of helping Oregon’s nonprofits be the best they can be.

NAO is here to CONNECT you with Oregon’s nonprofits to help them achieve even greater positive impact in the lives of Oregonians.

Through NAO you can expand your reach, connect with Oregon nonprofits and be a partner with NAO in building a strong and thriving nonprofit sector. All NAO Business Verified Affiliate Members receive a Verified listing in The Directory as quality, experienced providers for nonprofits and are eligible to receive referrals based on demand from the nonprofit community. Become an NAO Business Verified Affiliate today!

Vetting Criteria & Benefits

NAO Referral Service Vetting Criteria

Those wishing to qualify as an NAO Business Verified Affiliate Member must meet the standards below.

  • Agreement with NAO’s mission, Theory of Change and Equity Statement.
  • Agreement with NAO’s referral service process and terms - SEE BELOW. 
  • Maintain a current NAO Business Verified Affiliate Membership.
  • Business license to work in the locations you serve and/or where you are located.
  • Proof of providing expert technical services to nonprofits (i.e. client list).
  • Three nonprofit client references that can be verified.
  • NAO strongly recommends you carry general or professional liability insurance.  Some referral opportunities may be limited to those with the necessary coverage(s).
  • Ongoing participation in NAO’s programs to connect, improve and advance the pool of verified consultants and service providers serving Oregon.

To apply for the Business Verified Affiliate Member Status: 

New Business Affiliates - sign up as a Business Verified Affiliate Member and email the verification materials below to

Existing Business Affiliates - log on to your NAO User Account, go to the Affiliate Form and pay an additional $125, then email the verification materials below.

1) Client list of 8-10 clients as proof of providing technical services to nonprofits.

2) Three nonprofit client reference names and emails; they will be sent a verification survey. 

Contact Susan Parsons with any questions: 503-239-4001 x113. 

Enhanced Benefits for NAO Business Verified Affiliates

  • Greater visibility as a nonprofit service provider with a “Verified” listing in The Directory.
  • Eligibility for referral opportunities when nonprofits request capacity-building services (based upon demand from the nonprofit community). 
  • Eligibility for presentation opportunities through NAO's networks, workshops, and webinars.
  • Opportunity to share subject-matter expert and thought leadership resources in NAO communications/website based on NAO need and invitation.
  • NAO reserves member benefit program, sponsorship, and enhanced marketing opportunities for Business Verified Affiliates.
  • Includes all basic benefits for NAO Business Affiliate Members listed below.

Basic Benefits of NAO Business Affiliate Membership

  • Basic listing in NAO’s Directory.
  • Subscription to NAO e-news, public policy alerts, and other significant sector reports.
  • Invitation to networking events for nonprofit capacity builders.
  • Discounted rates to attend NAO's professional development and learning programs.
  • Discounted rates through some of NAO’s partner programs such as; Mac's List, VaVa Virtual, Office Depot, Donorsearch, Bloomerang, GrantStation, GNSA, etc.

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Referral Service Process & Terms

Referral Process

A direct referral takes place when a nonprofit contacts NAO to connect with the right consultant or service provider for a specific piece of work. As the state association, any of the over 20,000 nonprofits in Oregon have access to NAO’s Referral Service and to receive NAO’s assistance.  

When NAO receives a referral request from a nonprofit, we assess the nonprofit’s needs and evaluate the pool of available NAO Business Verified Affiliate Members who are qualified to provide the requested services. Matches are made based on a number of factors including: areas of expertise, qualifications, project location, availability, fit, and how those factors align with the nonprofit’s articulated needs and preferences.

Referral Terms

  • For successful matches, a 10% referral fee is due to NAO from the service provider on contracts equal to or greater than $500 (based on the total amount of the contract).
  • Referral fees are due to NAO within 30 days of the project end date.
  • For contracts over $20,000, and/or contracts with variable terms such as interim executive placements and executive searches, NAO will work with service providers to determine a fair and mutually agreed upon referral fee and payment schedule.
  • There is no remittance due to NAO for indirect or passive referrals that take place through NAO’s many programs and during the course of regular customer service activities.
  • There is no remittance due to NAO in cases where NAO’s Business Verified Affiliate Member has a separate membership benefit agreement in place with NAO or is legally restricted from providing a referral remittance of this nature.
  • NAO provides any nonprofit matched with services with a post-project evaluation.
  • With respect to each other, NAO and the NAO Business Verified Affiliate Member are considered Independent Contractors. NAO’s Referral Service is not intended to create a partnership, joint venture or employment relationship between NAO and the NAO Business Verified Affiliate Member.

Networking Events


NAO will host two to four affordable networking events per year for consultants or service providers who are interested in connecting with their peers as well as interested in becoming NAO Business Verified Affiliate Members. Affiliate members and those interested in membership will receive invitations to the networking events when they are scheduled.


NAO's Referral Service contact:

Need additional information? E-mail and Susan Parsons, Resources and Referral would be happy to assist you!

Susan Parsons
Resources and Referral Manager