NAO’s Planning During Change:
A Toolkit for Nonprofits

NAO’s Planning During Change: A Toolkit for Nonprofits is a new tool for nonprofits to plan and forecast your financial health through the current COVID-19 crisis and into recovery. The “Planning During Change: A Toolkit for Nonprofits” was developed to provide nonprofits a starting point as they consider near- and mid-term plans for their organizations amid the uncertainty we are all facing. The toolkit presents an opportunity to begin framing your position and response, is a launching point for conversations for team members, and has practical templates for building action plans for your programs and finances. 

The tool was originally developed by our colleagues at the Montana Nonprofit Association and adapted with permission by NAO in partnership with our colleagues at the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship (CNS). The toolkit is specifically designed for smaller all-volunteer or small-staffed nonprofits and is provided free for your use. NAO, together with CNS, will be developing a set of trainings to walk nonprofits through the use of the toolkit; however it is designed as a self-study tool and can be used by any nonprofit. 

NAO’s Planning During Change: A Toolkit for Nonprofits consists of the following materials:

  1. NAO Planning During Change Toolkit 
  2. NAO Financial Scenario Toolkit Instructions 
  3. NAO Financial Scenario Modeling Tool   
  4. NAO Cash Flow Projection Template