What does it look like to practice and lead equity and inclusion within our nonprofits? How do we transcend histories of bias and privilege that create disparate outcomes in society and in the nonprofit sector?

The Equity & Inclusion Leaders Network (EILN) provides regular learning opportunities, tangible tools and strategies, and a chance to engage in direct and honest conversations about how to lead, integrate, and practice equity, inclusion, and systemic change within your organization. We encourage nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers to attend.

2017-2018 Schedule

We are currently planning our 2017-2018 training season! We will be posting dates, topics, and registration pages in the coming weeks. This network season will run through October 2017 to June 2018. Thank you for your continued patience!

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Principles & Practices

NAO has partnered with Independent Sector to disseminate the Principles for Good Governance & Ethical Practice as a means to provide sector-wide best practices to support self-regulation among actors in the charitable sector. Network sessions will draw on the 33 Principles and delve into specific principles if appropriate to the topic.

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Not sure if this series is right for you? Call our Training Coordinator at 503-239-4001, ext. 123 or email training@nonprofitoregon.org.