We offer three professional development networks in the Portland Metro.

Equity & Inclusion Leaders Network (EILN)
Nonprofit Fiscal Managers Association (NFMA)
Nonprofit Leaders Network (NLN)

Most nonprofit leaders want to create inclusive work environments, address social and economic disparities, and engage diverse communities in their programming. But, the path to achieve greater equity is not always clear, and the work can be isolating. This series brings nonprofit leaders together to share best practices, connect among peers, and engage in deeper learning with thought leaders.

This series provides regular learning opportunities so you can stay up-to-date on nonprofit financial management practices and related legal and compliance issues by getting the knowledge, strategies, and systems you need to keep your organization on track.

This series helps nonprofit leaders deal with a full range of organizational issues. From board members to program officers, to executive directors, this series offers regular opportunities to learn about nonprofit governance, effective supervision, and management skills.