Nonprofit Learning Cohorts

NAO’s nonprofit learning cohorts are a collaborative approach to capacity building. Small groups of nonprofit leaders will convene around specific shared learning opportunities to discuss mutual issues, learn from the challenges and solutions of their peers, and problem solve together. Each series will be facilitated by a content expert who will guide the cohort, frame each session, and offer tools and resources.

Learning cohorts meet virtually once a week over the course of five weeks, typically for an hour and 15 minutes per session. Cohorts provide for rich peer learning in addition to practical and actionable tools. Series have limited space per cohort so register now to reserve your spot! 

Five Weekly Sessions via Zoom
$125 for NAO Members
$175 for Nonmembers

Upcoming Learning Cohorts

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Prior Learning Cohorts

Below are NAO nonprofit learning cohorts that have either began or completed for the year. Registration for these cohorts is now closed. 

Building a Culture of Racial Justice: Strategies for Creating an Equitable Workplace

Began May 4, 2023 ⁠– Registration is closed

This interactive cohort is designed to help organizations build a culture of racial justice by equipping leaders and employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to create an inclusive and equitable workplace. Each cohort session will focus on a specific aspect of building a culture of racial justice. We will begin by understanding the concept of racial justice, exploring its historical and contemporary roots, and discussing its relevance to modern workplaces. We will explore strategies for building an organizational culture of racial justice from recruitment and retention practices to policy development. Participants will leave with a deepened understanding of racial justice and clear strategies for operationalizing justice in their organizations.

Toolkit for New and Growing Nonprofit Executive Directors

Began April 10, 2023 ⁠– Registration is closed

Are you a new Executive Director? Or, have you been in the sector since pre-COVID times but didn’t receive proper onboarding, board support, or training? Do you lead a nonprofit in a rural market, and isolation is the norm? Join Kari Anderson with Incite! Consulting. While she’s been a nonprofit coach and consultant for almost 10 years, Kari worked in the trenches as a nonprofit executive for nearly 25 years in Washington and Colorado. She understands the needs of small nonprofits in smaller towns, and she’s got the manual you didn’t receive for doing your best work in the field. From time management and self-care to staff and volunteer coaching, board development, fundraising, community engagement, and succession planning, you’ll leave this cohort with an entire toolkit of resources that allows you to embrace your leadership role fully.

Leading Together: Building Value-Driven and Impactful Leadership Teams

Began March 28, 2023 ⁠– Registration is closed

In this interactive cohort led by leadership coach Chris Wallace Caldwell of Catalysis LLC, we explore what keeps our leadership teams (board or employee-led) from making the impact we envision. We will start by examining some assumptions, barriers, and power issues that leadership teams often face. We will explore navigating these dilemmas through intentional support and team development. Cohort participants will gain leadership team tools and practices, and the sessions will be adapted to address particular issues each is facing as we help each other move closer to the world we want to create.

Start the Year Right! – Supporting Team and Individual Well-Being in Purpose-Driven Organizations

Began January 19, 2023 ⁠– Registration is closed

This five-session learning cohort is an invitation to start 2023 by revisioning and recalibrating organizational well-being at the individual and team levels. As leaders, how can we share best practices and learn together while creating a safe space to talk about what is and is not going well? Participants will will walk away with tools, resources, and frameworks for conversations that they can take back to their organizations.

Building a Robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan

Began November 9, 2022 ⁠– Registration is closed

Join a cohort of nonprofit practitioners to ideate, collaborate, and start an organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic plan. Nonprofit leaders at every level are often tasked with creating and implementing DEI strategies. In this series, participants will design community-centered strategies for the community they serve. Cohort participants may choose to design their own organizational strategic plan or support the development of a peer’s strategic plan. 

Building Systems that Streamline, Strengthen and Scale Our Work 

Began November 3, 2022 - Registration is closed

Join Sarah Spangler, Nonprofit Education Specialist at NAO, in this five-week cohort focused on improving, evaluating, and understanding systems. Using guided exercises and peer-to-peer discussions, we will take a closer look at the unique processes currently in place in each of our organizations. At the end of this cohort, participants will be able to approach their work from a systems-based point of view, make strategic decisions about scaling their systems up and down, and more.

Good Ground: A Natural Way to Normalize Wellness in Work Culture 

Began October 17, 2022 - Registration is closed

In this intensive cohort led by Erica Briggs, Nonprofit Education Specialist at NAO, we will explore resilience and wellness as nonprofit leaders. We will cultivate good ground in which to grow our organizations in a complex world, and as complicated humans creating the culture in our organizations. In the final session, we will each commit to establishing a maintenance schedule that sustains the natural cycle of community caretaking.

Tools and Practices to Strengthen Resilience: A Deep Dive into the Recentering Model 

Began May 18, 2022 - Registration is closed

In this interactive cohort led by Michelle St. Romain Wilson, we will explore the four parts of the Recentering model (roots, values, practices, and anchors) to strengthen our personal resilience and create tools to bring back to our organizations. In the final session, we will bring it all together and create plans for ongoing self-care to build resiliency, flexibility, and creativity in our work and personal lives, allowing us to be more able to meet the challenges and opportunities we are facing

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