NAO Update: October 29, 2020

As we move toward the final days before the elections, we know that many in our communities are filled with emotions. These emotions stem from our collective desire for an end to Coronavirus, and end to physical distancing restrictions, and loss of income. They stem from a desire to freely engage in the community life they love. With those emotions come anxiety and trepidation for the results of this crucial moment in our history. This has been the most contentious election in my lifetime and I imagine that holds true for most others as well. Across the political spectrum, Oregonians have strong feelings about the future they want to see and strong ideas about this election. Those opinions come with deeply-held convictions of values and about what they want to see happen for their families and the communities they love. For some, there is a sense of impending triumph and for others, I dare say many others, there is a feeling of foreboding for the outcome that is overwhelming our already-taxed nerves from a year like no other in living memory.

What should nonprofits consider as we draw to the final days of campaigning and Tuesday approaches? Well let’s start there…

We should all be aware that due to our vote-by-mail system in Oregon and the changes in voting systems in many other states in response to the serious health risks of COVID-19, the election will likely not be decided on election night. That is okay.

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NAO Update: October 22, 2020

COVID-19 continues to spread through Oregon communities and nonprofits workers are on the front lines of the battle to check the spread. The surge in numbers of Coronavirus cases made it necessary for the Oregon Health Authority to release updated requirements for the face masks for the public and for businesses and nonprofits. Over the past month, Oregon communities have experienced a spike in cases, and yesterday the OHA reported two new coronavirus deaths and 331 new cases. Through October, the daily rate has stayed consistently above 300 cases per day and on October 8, Oregon experienced its highest daily rate of 482 new cases. In total, over 40,000 Oregonians have contracted the disease and 635 have died.

It is hoped that the new, more restricted guidelines for masks in public spaces and workplaces will help to drive down infections and check the spread.

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NAO Update: October 15, 2020

With so much in our lives right now, from the impacts of COVID-19, the economic downturn, the impacts of hundreds of years of systemic racism coming to greater consciousness and the Oregon wildfires, it feels like nothing could get worse… But, it actually can. We all know (and I am “knocking wood” as I write this), that Oregon and the whole Pacific Northwest is overdue for a very, VERY large earthquake. The “Cascadia Subduction Zone Event” is predicted by seismologists to be in the order of 9.0 on the Richter scale. The Great Sendai (or Great Tōhoku Earthquake as it is sometimes called) in Japan in 2011 was 9.0 and killed over 10,000 people, caused a massive tsunami and shifted the earth between 4 to 10 inches on its axis.

So, with everything going on, I hope that you’ll take some time today with your teams to participate in the Great Oregon Shakeout today. Hold your #ShakeOut drill when and where you want. You can choose another date or several dates, and include people in multiple locations (home, work, or school), perhaps through video conferencing. It's actually a good idea to practice earthquake safety in different situations each year, and ShakeOut Organizers are there to support you.

Nonprofits are instrumental in supporting the critical needs of community. Just as we are leading on practicing health and safety in response to COVID-19, and leading on equity and justice reforms, we need to be leading on disaster risk reduction too! Shakeout today!

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The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship and Nonprofit Association of Oregon Announce Plan to Unify as One Organization

We are excited to share that The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship and Nonprofit Association of Oregon have signed an agreement to unify as one organization! NAO will continue the work of CNS in serving rural and small nonprofits, and the thousands of nonprofits that strive to bring beauty, creativity, justice, and service into our communities across the state.

"This exciting change provides a major growth opportunity for the shared mission we both have to serve charitable organizations across the state. The CNS team’s knowledge and expertise, particularly with all-volunteer and rural nonprofits, will considerably bolster NAO’s capacity to serve so many additional nonprofits" - says Brad Russell, NAO’s Board President.

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Oregon Wildfire Response Resources

NAO has created an Oregon Wildfire Response Resources page with curated resources to help you and your organizations navigate these difficult times.


NAO Launches New Podcast: The Public Space

NAO is proud to launch The Public Space with Episode 1. In this episode Steve Patty, Founder of Dialogues in Action, joins NAO’s Lilisa Hall to discuss tangible ways to effectively lead and motivate during a crisis. How do leaders successfully navigate difficult times? And more importantly, how should they? Given the many crises of 2020 – COVID-19, racial injustice, and the wildfires – Episode 1: How to Lead Through a Crisis covers how we can lead, the importance of support structures, and actionable steps we can take during a crisis. Tune in here to listen!


NAO Update: October 06, 2020

As we reported earlier, the Trump Administration recently released an Executive Order and two memoranda seeking to block legitimate efforts to address racism and sexism. The EO and memoranda direct that all trainings on implicit bias and other racial and gender bias equity concepts will stop immediately in the executive branch and military, and stop sometime after November 21 for all federal contractors and many grantees. Every federal agency has been charged with identifying and canceling staff trainings that address nearly a dozen concepts the Administration has deemed “divisive” and “anti-American,” including conducting keyword searches for such terms as "unconscious bias," “white privilege” and “systemic racism.” New reporting and restrictions have been ordered. Further, the Labor Department has set up a complaint hotline for individuals to report trainings that may make them feel uncomfortable by discussions of racial and gender inequality.

You may remember that NAO came out right after the EO was published condemning the intent and questioning the legitimacy of the action. For a succinct breakdown of what is in the EO, this resource by the National Law Review is helpful.

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NAO Update: October 02, 2020

As the news of the President and First Lady’s positive test for COVID-19 sinks in, it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of this highly infectious disease. We wish the President and First Lady, and all who have been struck by this deadly and debilitating disease, a speedy recovery.

Here in Oregon, the new case load continues to hover between the high 200s and low 300s for daily new infections. Please, please be careful in your work and follow the Center for Disease Control and Oregon Health Authority guidelines on wearing masks, washing hands, physically distancing, and avoiding large crowds in closed spaces. You can find a complete set of COVID-19 Resources on our resources page.

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