NAO Update: January 21, 2021

The inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris yesterday has enormous ramification for nonprofits and the communities and missions that they serve. With only hours into office, the new administration has already released several major reversals to previous policy on the COVID crisis, climate change, the 2020 census, immigration and a new round of stimulus checks. In the coming days and weeks, we expect that additional changes will come quickly, facilitated by control of both houses of Congress and based on the promises and platform laid out in their campaign.

Working with national organizations and our state association colleagues, NAO will regularly be analyzing the impacts of new and changed policies to understand the impacts on the charitable nonprofits and their missions. We will bring these to your attention as soon as we can.

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NAO Update: January 12, 2021

With the impacts of the violent attempt last week to stop the counting of the electoral college votes on Capitol Hill last week still reverberating across the nation, we know that many of you are balancing your feelings about that event and the necessary work you have ahead of you in 2021 for your nonprofit. It is a time when we all had hoped to put 2020 in the past and were optimistic for 2021 being better. We can now see that the difficulties and challenges of 2020 including the Coronavirus, the economic downturn, the awakening to racial injustice, and the impacts of a divided and divisive political landscape are still with us. 2021 may be as tough a year as 2020. We should continue to be optimistic, but also be preparing ourselves for the work we’ll all be doing this year. Part of that work includes creating opportunities for dialogue and discourse on the issues shaping our communities. This is a place where the nonprofit sector excels.

Over the past week, we received quite a few comments about our denunciation of the violence insurrection that was perpetrated against our democracy. Some of that feedback was in support of our message and some were vehemently opposed. We stand by our denunciation and also hold out our hand to try to understand the point of view of those who disagree with us. We believe that charitable nonprofits, as non-governmental organizations, are champions of democracy both here in America and abroad. We serve as an expression of the right to assemble peacefully to solve community problems and even redress grievance with our elected officials. We also serve as safe havens for people to gather away from what has become toxic partisanship and concentrate instead on the important work of addressing community needs.

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NAO Update: January 7, 2021

Yesterday was a sad day for our country as violence unfolded at the U.S. Capitol and we witnessed an attack on America’s democracy. 

NAO, along with our nonprofit colleagues from around the country, strongly condemns this violence. We are united in opposition to the forces that seek to disrupt the peaceful and lawful transition of our government. 

Below is the statement NAO released yesterday:  

“NAO condemns the ongoing violence unfolding at the U.S. Capitol. We stand for the peaceful transition of our government based on the election results of our democracy. We have every confidence that democracy and justice in our civil society will prevail.”

NAO firmly believes in peaceful protests and gatherings to make our voices heard. In a democracy, disagreement is natural and debate is healthy. However, violence is unacceptable and jeopardizes public safety, puts people’s lives at risk, and is in opposition to our nation’s shared value of accepting and honoring the democratic tradition of electing our leaders and following a peaceful transition of political power.

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NAO Update: January 5, 2021

Happy New Year! I hope that you had some time to relax and reflect over the holidays and that the new year has started off well for you.

The team here at NAO has been working hard to curate a selection of learning and convening events for the development of you and your team. 

At NAO we believe that investments in leadership development and capacity building are crucial to the effectiveness, adaptability, and resilience of Oregon nonprofit leaders, organizations, networks, and the sector as a whole. Through programming that prioritizes adult learning for your leadership growth, NAO supports both new and experienced nonprofit leaders. Guided by our Learning Strategy, we have planned a selection of events and nonprofit learning cohorts for the next few months designed to grow your capacity to achieve organizational missions, collaborate strategically, and create lasting impact in Oregon communities.

I hope you’ll take a look at these upcoming sessions and find the ones that are the best fit for you and your team. 

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NAO Update: December 29, 2020

Last week we thought our NAO Update would be the last of the year, but alas, politics in America knows no boundaries and certainly not timelines.

We were happy to report last week that Congress passed the $900 billion COVID-19 relief package bringing some significant relief to families, communities, nonprofits, and businesses reeling from the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday evening, President Trump signed the bill into law. This was a turn-about from last Tuesday when the President unexpectedly slammed the COVID stimulus legislation but stopped short of saying he would veto it. The message upended Washington, D.C., drew bipartisan condemnation, and threatened to end a chaotic year with a government shutdown.

In criticizing the bill, the President demanded that the $600 relief stimulus checks included in the bill be raised to $2,000 for Americans weathering the coronavirus pandemic. House Democrats were quick to respond on Monday by approving the standalone Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help (CASH) Act giving $2,000 in the stimulus checks.

The measure will now head to the Republican-controlled Senate where its future remains unclear. Senate Republicans have for months stressed over increased government spending and are likely to oppose the measure despite the President’s demands and the House passed CASH Act.

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