NAO Update: August 8, 2022

We need extraordinary nonprofit organizations filled with talented leaders to create positive change in our communities. That’s why Pacific University is partnering with us at NAO to create a new online Master of Nonprofit Leadership Program (MNL) that will prepare you to meet that challenge.

NAO is collaboratively creating responsive curriculum with Pacific University that is designed to address the biggest needs in our communities, and will expand on the compassionate qualities you already have, while giving you the additional tools you need to make a real difference in your nonprofit work. The program is also guided by an advisory council comprised of leaders and innovators throughout the nonprofit world, including our very own Executive Director, Jim White.

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NAO Update: July 21, 2022

The NAO staff is working hard to plan for our upcoming Fall programming which includes two conferences, our 2022-2023 regional networks, Salon networking happy hours, and more. If your organization has been considering becoming an NAO member, this is a great time to join to take full advantage of all the programs, education, and networking events that we have to offer. Read more.


NAO Update: July 7, 2022

There is no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it: it has been a pretty terrible start to the summer of 2022. After all the difficulties and sacrifices we collectively experienced through COVID (which is still clinging on), I felt like this summer would be a time where things would begin to get back to normal. I know that we all need that time for rest, reflection and recovery – both as a community of people that do public good and as individuals. Instead, the beginning of this summer has only laid bare the deep divides in our country; the obviously broken system which systemically discriminates against so many and provides for the rule over the many by the very few; and a sick obsession with allowing murder to be committed again and again with no substantive measures to check them. Even the protection of the very air we breathe and ground we walk on is being stripped away for short-term profit-making margins. I have to admit, there are times where it all really feels like too much.

We’ve been doing focus-groups, listening sessions, and advisory group meetings (THANK YOU to all that are participating!) and we are hearing from so many nonprofit leaders just how hard it feels right now. I’ve been on calls with a few people that could barely contain their emotions. We are all struggling with not only the broader challenges I’ve mentioned, but also the “tyranny of the urgent” each day: staff turnover and shortages; rising costs of goods and services; disrupted supply chains; and fickle funding mechanisms.

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NAO Update: June 24, 2022

Today, the Supreme Court threw out decades of legal precedent and “settled law” by overturning the 1973 ruling Roe v. Wade – this decision will have profound short and long-term impacts on millions of Americans across the country. The Nonprofit Association of Oregon believes in the right to healthcare for all Oregonians, especially for those that cannot afford access. We strongly support Oregon’s historic efforts to increase access to healthcare that include longstanding laws protecting reproductive care and abortion services for all Oregonians.

The court ruling is expected to have significant ramifications across the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits that provide childcare, foster care, healthcare, domestic violence counseling, youth services, houselessness, mental health, food insecurity, and many will see operational service and financial impacts as a result of this decision. Some of these impacts may be immediate while others will build over the coming weeks, months, and years. NAO will evaluate these impacts and assist nonprofits in preparing for this new reality. We will share this information with all of you as we gather it.