NAO Update: January 20, 2022

Unfortunately, the continued machinations between the political parties in Washington DC and here in Oregon often leave communities – and the nonprofits that serve them – feeling the pain. Last night’s defeat of the landmark voter rights bill is only the latest in a in a series of policy decisions that leave common sense people scratching their heads. While politicians do, well, what politicians seem to do these days, our communities are continuing to be battered by too many issues and challenges. And in the middle of that, it is nonprofit organizations that those communities look to for support, reasonability and solutions. As we head into the opening of the Oregon Legislative Session here in just a few weeks, I wanted to make you aware of several important actions NAO is taking to ensure your voices are heard and to support the important missions you serve.

Like for-profit entities, the impacts of economic downturns like the 2008 Great Recession and the Covid pandemic play havoc on the nonprofit sector challenging both our mission delivery and business models and straining critical services in our communities. As employers and providers of services to so many, the sustainability of the nonprofit sector is of great national and local importance, yet there is no dedicated Federal office at the Executive level that is working on issues that are specific to our sector. Federal Government provides significant support to for-profit businesses through the Small Business Administration and other agencies and programs, but as we saw with PPP, EIDL and even ARPA funds, these are not well designed for, or in some cases accessible to, nonprofit organizations.

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NAO Update: January 7, 2022

Happy New Year! I hope that the first week of 2022 has been great for you.

The NAO staff is ready for a busy first quarter and we already have some fantastic events on our calendar for nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers to learn and help navigate some tricky scenarios that arise at nonprofit organizations of all sizes. I’m highlighting a few this week, but please jump down to the bottom of this newsletter for the full line-up or visit here for more details.

Our virtual sessions on January 18 and January 19 are focused on relationship building and productive collaboration. On January 18, we’re facilitating a session on how to get the most out of meetings – from leading more efficiently as well as encouraging more participation from your teams. On January 19, we’re focusing on building great relationships between Executive Directors and their Board of Directors – I'd encourage all ED’s and board members to attend this one.

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NAO Update: December 17, 2021

We are almost there folks! Almost at the end of 2021. Wow, it was another difficult year for many of us and I know that we are feeling stretched and overwhelmed. I really hope that you are going to take the time over the end-of-the-year holidays to rest and recuperate. 

On December 16, 2021, our colleagues at Independent Sector released public polling results reflecting the views of registered voters on a wide range of topics related to nonprofits and public policy. The results provide valuable insight into the landscape of public opinion about charitable giving policy, federal representation of the nonprofit sector, and our sector’s role in the community.

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