NAO Update: July 29, 2021

We have an urgent request that we ask you to consider. As I indicated last week, our national colleagues including Independent Sector and National Council of Nonprofits have been working to advocate with Congress the best possible legislation to support charitable nonprofits in America.

A coalition of 55 national nonprofit organizations sent this letter to the White House and to congressional leaders last week identifying challenges charitable organizations continue to face and seeking support for urgently needed policy objectives that will enable nonprofits to contribute to the nation’s relief, recovery, and rebuilding. 

The coalition has opened up the letter for any charitable nonprofits to sign-on. Please join NAO and add your nonprofit’s name to this letter today. The next version of the letter will be sent to the Administration and Congress on August 2nd!  

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NAO Update: July 22, 2021

Summer is feeling especially sweet this year for many of us at NAO – with COVID-19 restrictions lifted across the state, 70% of adult Oregonians who have received at least one vaccination, and a stretch of sunny, but mild weather – we’re taking every chance we get to take advantage of being outdoors, hugging our friends and family, patronizing our favorite small businesses, and volunteering (in person!) with our essential nonprofit organizations in every region. 

In late May, the Public Interest Management Group and NAO published a report on survey findings from nonprofit organizations one year into the pandemic. This report reminded us that nonprofit staff and volunteers absolutely need to take a break to rest, recharge, and to reconnect before a busy fall filled with programming, fundraising, year-end budgeting, and 2022 planning.

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NAO Update: July 15, 2021

Well into the summer now I am heartened to see more and more out-of-office replies when I write to a number of you. That means you’re taking much needed breaks and keeping your own wellness in mind. I encourage all of you to be sure to take some time to rejuvenate and encourage your teams – both staff and volunteers – to do so. We can all only serve the public good if we have the stamina and the energy to do so! 

Earlier this week, the Independent Sector released their latest 2021 Trust in Civil Society Report. Every year for the past three years, Independent Sector and Edelman Data & Intelligence have conducted this important research to take a deep dive into what Americans believe about civil society's trustworthiness, what kinds of demographic factors influence those beliefs, and what the broad deterioration of trust across the United States means for our sector’s ability to serve our communities.

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NAO Update: July 8, 2021

Last year’s fires, equity movements, and ongoing pandemic has taught us that nonprofits are inarguably among the first (and ongoing) responders for survival, justice, and reconstruction. As mission-driven entities, many require multiple channels of funding to accomplish the needs of the community. Here is where we begin.  

NAO staff and Board have been following the growing movement to urge foundations and donor advised funds (DAFs) to distribute more than the current 5% requirement and ultimately to restructure regulations on how or when donors receive tax benefit. (That law was initially established in 1969). This movement started last spring as the pandemic tore across our country causing great financial uncertainty to nonprofits while simultaneously increasing their service demand. This issue was initially brought to NAO Public Policy Committee’s (PPC) attention by the nation-wide “Emergency Charity Stimulus Bill” campaign.

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NAO Update: July 1, 2021

Well, after 489 days since the first COVID-19 case was detected in Oregon, the state is now reopened! All except the most specific mask restrictions have been lifted by the Governor as of yesterday. Many of the nonprofits we know that had not yet been allowed to reopen are either making plans or beginning the process of reopening.

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