When a nonprofit applies to the IRS for tax-exemption, they receive a determination letter as proof of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Tax-exempt organizations can be found using the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool.

If your organizaiton was awarded tax-esemption on January 1, 2014 or later, you can download the IRS determination letter.

Obtaining Copies of Exemption Determination Letters

If your organization was awarded tax-exemption prior to January 1, 2014 and you need a copy of the original determination letter, you can request a copy by submitting Form 4506-B, Request for a Copy of Exempt Organization IRS Application or Letter using email feature on form. You can also fax Form 4506-B to 855-204-6184 or mail to address below. It may take 60 days or longer to process your request.

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Correspondence Unit
P.O. Box 2508, Room 6-403
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Another option is to request an affirmation letter. The affirmation letter serves the same purpose for grantors and contributors as the original determination letter.