Nonprofit Association of Oregon’s 2020 State of the Sector Report is designed to provide current and easily accessible data on the health of the public benefit nonprofit sector in Oregon.

Charitable nonprofits work in every Oregon community and enrich the lives of all Oregonians. A big thank you to the 248 Oregon nonprofit respondents who took the time to participate in our survey in 2019. Your commitment and support of Oregon’s nonprofit sector is much appreciated!

Through the embedded Tableau workbook below, you can page across different cross-tabulations of the information collected in the survey to drill down into the data and see how your nonprofit compares to others. Feel free to use this data for reference and look for additional updates to the workbook as we complete cross-tabulations in Spring 2020.

NAO would like to thank Idaho Nonprofit Center (INC) and the Predictive Analytics class students in the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University for their work on the analysis and cross-tabulation of data. Special thanks go to Amy Little, Executive Director of INC and Dr. Christie Fuller, Assistant Professor, Boise State University.